Casual Cotton & Hemp Bag

Casual Cotton & Hemp Bag

Rs. 1,199

Material: Hemp & Cotton
Size : Large

Product details of Multicolor OM Printed Unisex Hemp Bag

  • Our eco friendly hemp bags are handmade. This organic himalayan hemp backpack from Nepal has an Earthy looking feel yet stylish and trendy.
  • Use it as a college bag, gym bag, travel bag, hiking bag, camping bag, festival bag or just take it out on a casual day out.
  • It requires very little resource to produce hemp and gives back more than half of the nutrients to nature.
  • Our hemp bags are made from hemp found in the Mountains of Nepal. There are plenty of reasons to get yourself a trendy hemp backpack.
  • Organic, durable, comfortable, fashionable are few of the qualities of this pure hemp bag. 

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